Lil Guardsman | Get all 4 Star Ratings on Level 10

by on January 23, 2024

As you work your way through your adventure in Lil Guardsman by Hilltop Studios, you’ll be trying to get 4 Star Ratings on each level, and this guide will help you to achieve that on Level 10. Getting a 4 Star Rating is not only an indication that you solved the puzzle of that particular inhabitant, but also if you manage to get a 4 Star Rating for every person on a level in Lil Guardsman, you get a reward of 30 gold and in most cases, an achievement.

Different characters you meet will require different actions to get the 4 Star rating, and some are not immediately obvious. Follow our guide below to see how to get a 4 Star Rating for each character in Level 10 in Lil Guardsman, and the 4-Star: Level 10 achievement.

Lil Guardsman | Get all 4 Star Ratings on Level 10

Requirements for 4 Star Ratings on Level 10

Tools Required: Truth Spray x1, X-Ray x2, Decoder Ring x1

Note: This will require an upgrade to your X-Ray tool that can be purchased from Garby for 50 Gold. Upgrades are also occasionally offered to you for free during the story. Make sure your X-Ray is upgraded to allow for 2 crystals inside it before starting this chapter.


Tools Required: Truth Spray

Items Required: None

Another night shift, another slew of quirky characters to deal with. First, let’s use the Truth Spray on this old woman to find out what her plans are. She reveals she intends to fatten up children and bake them into pies – not someone you would want around the Sprawl at all!

Given her dangerous intentions, you should definitely Deny her entry to the Sprawl. Before she departs she offers you a magic wishing apple. You will want to Return it given you know her apples send people to sleep. If you Confiscate it, you’ll get a Game Over.


Mayor Scary Tree Monster

Tools Required: None

Items Required: None

The Scary Tree Monster has return in Mayor form to attend a meeting at City Hall. You have two options here, one leads to an Admit, the other a Deny. Both reward 4 Star Ratings, so the choice is yours.

We liked Scary Tree Monster, and trusted his intentions, so we called Stryker who wants you to Admit the tree to help with the city defences. If, alternatively, you wish to deny him, then call Ashe instead, and then Deny him.



Tools Required: None

Items Required: None

This is a minor character interaction, who you can only achieve 3 stars with, and doesn’t affect your overall Level rating.

This is clearly a bunch of Zombies. A quick reference of The Sprawl monster Manual, Second Edition says that Zombies are harmless, and should be herded up like sheep.

Given they won’t cause you any trouble, you should Admit them to the Sprawl, who knows they may help defend the city when it needs it.


Mole Person

Tools Required: None

Items Required: None

This is your first proper interaction with a mole-person, despite them being referenced a few times earlier in the story.

To find out their intentions, you should Interrogate them 3 times, and Trust what they say. If you cast Doubt on anything he will get upset and leave, which will damage your Star Rating. After the third Interrogation he will reveal he is there to get the digging of the tunnel project started – thus allowing food to get into the Sprawl.

Upon finding this out, you should definitely Admit him.


Stabitha Grieves

Tools Required: X-Ray, Decoder Ring

Items Required: None

Well, Stabitha looks terrifying! Begin by using an X-Ray on her to reveal her demonic hex on her heart. Whilst she seems keen for it to stay, we have other plans. Next, use your Decoder Ring on her to translate the hex, which will reveal the hex, and cause our old Demon friend to appear.

You’ll now get an Auto-Deny on account of Stabitha being, well, um, a dead pile of ash.


Ghost Finders

Tools Required: X-Ray

Items Required: None

Who’re you gonna call? Ahem. To begin with, use your X-Ray to reveal a large ghostly figure behind the pair. The two will eventually turn and face the ghost and then run off in fear. You will then hear how Tyronius poisoned the old King. This will result in an Auto-Deny given the Ghost Finders have run off, but you learned some valuable information.


Congratulations, you’ve earned a 4 Star Rating for every character in Level 10 of Lil Guardsman, and earned the 4-Star: Level 10 achievement.