Monster Hunter is coming to RAID: Shadow Legends

by on January 9, 2024

Capcom’s famous action franchise Monster Hunter is teaming up with Plarium’s RAID: Shadow Legends for an in-game collaboration. F\rom today until March 5, five Champions based on the MH series will be joining the dark fantasy RPG, all with exclusive armour and weapons crafted from some of the infamous monsters like Rathalos, Zinogre, and Fatalis.

“We are thrilled to bring players an exciting new collection of Champions based on some of the most celebrated monsters in the Monster Hunter universe,” said Ronen Gross, VP of business development at Plarium. “It was an incredible experience collaborating with Capcom to perfectly blend both franchises and create something that feels similar yet completely unique.”

Plarium and Capcom have put in the work to make sure the collaboration is faithful to both titles, bringing the important aspects from both titles to the event. The five Champions included in the collaboration have skills that mirror some of the abilities available to characters who use the same equipment when playing Monster Hunter, which aims to make fans of Capcom’s franchise very happy.

The Rathalos Blademaster Legendary Champion can be earned by all players during the event through a special loyalty program where all players need to do is log into RAID: Shadow Legends for seven different days during the course of the collaboration. Other time-limited events will open up all the way until it finishes on March 5, giving players the opportunity to unlock all five Champions.

Over the course of the collaboration, players will also be introduced to a variety of community and in-game activities to celebrate the awesome partnership, with new trailers set to release to explain how the creatures of Monster Hunter made it into the world of RAID: Shadow Legends.