Dying Light 2 Stay Human celebrates 2 years with new content

by on February 22, 2024

Techland is celebrating 2 years of Dying Light Stay Human with the new Reloaded Edition featuring a huge Firearms update and Bloody Ties DLC. With consistent improvements to gameplay and its visuals, the developers have now unveiled that guns are coming to their successful first-person zombie playground.

The Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Reloaded Edition includes all of the previous updates along with the Firearms Update and Bloody Ties DLC, and is completely free to those who already own the Standard Edition. Being able to shoot enemies has been something requested by the community for a while, and intends to add a new dimension to how zombies can be taken out, offering new ways to dispatch them via a mix of close and long-range attacks. They’re not going to change the genre completely, but act as a way to enhance how players approach the enemy.

Along with the Firearms update, players will also get co-op survivor missions, board quests, and various visual enhancements, and the narrative will also include some of the important characters that featured in the first Dying Light game. To celebrate the 2-year anniversary of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, there will be a bunch of special Bounties available via the Pilgrim Outpost as well as other in-game surprises.

Finally, PC players will get a chance to experience the brand-new edition by participating in a free weekend on Steam from today until February 26, where progression will carry over if they choose to take the plunge and by the full game at a later date. The Reloaded Edition will also be available for 50% off on PC and consoles.