eFootball Season 4 launches today, adding “The Carnival Vibe”

by on February 1, 2024

Konami has announced the launch of eFootball season 4, which is “The Carnival Vibe”, offering Brazilian themed prizes, challenges, and events.

The publisher says that season 4 will “give users a host of free presents just for logging into eFootball“, and adds that the presents “will include 3 x Chance Deals for ‘Highlight: Brazil’ players that could see users add Danilo, Marquinhos, Pedro, Raphael Veiga, and Renan Lodi to their Dream Teams”. You’re also guaranteed a big name player so a free Neymar Jr highlight card is available for all from the first day of season 4, which makes it worth logging in if you haven’t in a few weeks or months.


In terms of events, this season’s will be themed around Brazil, some of the footballing legends, and more to “give users plenty of challenges to test and grow their squads”. Konami says that players can get 2 chance deals for “Highlight Brazil”, up to 15000 GP, and as much as 110,000 Exp Training programme. There is also a new Carnival ’24 uniform for the game, too.

Here’s what the official site says:

Neymar Jr, C. Makélélé, Luis García and other players with brilliant achievements on the international stage and in the domestic leagues will make an appearance. On the other hand, promising talent in the current world of football are introduced as Highlight players. These players can be signed using Nominating Contracts. Check out each Special Player List for more information.

To help you further bolster your team, all Match Passes have now been updated! Apart from Regular Match Pass which is available for all users for free, you can also use eFootball Coins to unlock Value Match Pass and Premium Match Pass. Complete matches and earn rewards to further bolster your Dream Team!

eFootball is out now for PC, PS4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox consoles. It’s free to play on all formats.