Alone in the Dark Lagniappe guide | Find all the collectibles

by on March 19, 2024

You may not have heard the word before now, but if you’re playing Alone in the Dark, Lagniappe is a word you’ll know pretty soon. These are basically the collectibles in the 2024 reboot of the beloved series and there are a total of 42 of the Alone in the Dark Lagniappe collectibles to find across two playthroughs.

Here’s the thing, while you’re panicking and running away from enemies, it’s easy to miss something, but THQ has stuck to the pixel hunting roots of the original games, though you can’t get all of the lagniappes in one playthrough. You’ll need to play as both Emily and Edward to find the lot.

That said, we’re here to help. Our Alone in the Dark Lagniappe guide starts with Emily, as she seems the main “canon” story. We’ve organised them in Chapter order, too, so if you’re replaying, it’ll be easy to find them. We will list the name of the item, then the location, and an image will be underneath. It’s worth noting some of the collectibles from chapter 2 can also be grabbed in chapter 4, and that not all of Emily’s (below) are exclusive to her playthrough.

Alone in the Dark Lagniappe guide: Chapter 1

Rat Poison 

Chapter 1 - Rat Poison - Alone in the Dark

You’ll find your first Lagniappe on the floor of the Kitchen, in the corner, on top of a pile of rags.

Streetcar Ticket

Chapter 1 - Streetcar Ticket

For the Streetcar ticket, you’ll need to explore the Cellar, and you’ll find it on a shelving unit, in amongst some food cans.

Preserved Reptile

Chapter 1 - Preserved Reptile - Alone in the Dark

You’ll find the Preserved Reptile on the floor in Corner Shop, where you meet Batiste for the first time.



Chapter 1 - Ju-Ju - Alone in the Dark

The JuJu is on a stool on a balcony, up some stairs, after you’ve used the key on the Locked Gate. Just beware of the enemy guarding it around a blind corner.

Chapter 2

Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamp - In Reception, by the bell for the Clerk’s Office

The Rubber Stamp can be found In Reception, by the bell for the Clerk’s Office.



Chapter 2 - Rorschach

This Lagniappe can be found near Isabella’s keys into Clerk’s Office


Mummified Cat

Chapter 2 - Mummified Cat - Alone in the Dark

After the cutscene in the Kitchen Garden, where the Maid is burying something, have a look at what she was burying, to find the Mummified Cat Lagniappe.


Nurse’s Watch

Chapter 2 - Nurse's Watch

The Nurse’s Watch is slightly tricky to find. In Lottie’s Room, interact with the window to close it. Then you’ll be able to pick up the Lagniappe from the window sill.


A Brightness from Afar

Chapter 2 - A Brightness from Afar - Alone in the Dark

When you return to the Library after your visit to the Dark Place, you’ll find it empty and can pick up the book on the table.


Fountain Pen

Chapter 2 - Fountain Pen

When you get access to Batiste’s Room, you can find the Fountain Pen on a table, on top of the red Weird Tales magazine.


Gazing Statuette

Chapter 2 - Gazing Statuette - Alone in the Dark

Make your way through the Oil Rig area, until you get to the second area with burrowing monsters. Then head off to the house off to the right and head inside for the Lagniappe. Just be careful of the enemy waiting inside to ambush you.


Dog Collar

Chapter 2 - Dog Collar - Alone in the Dark

The Dog Collar can be found in the Drawing Room under a desk by the window.



Chapter 2 - Beignet - Alone in the Dark

The Beignet Lagniappe is found on the upper Mezzanine and can be found in a bowl on a dresser.



Chapter 2 - Syringe

After the delightful cutscene where the young girl stabs you with a syringe, you can pick it up from the floor.


Jack In the Box

Chapter 2 - Jack In The Box - Alone in the Dark

In Grace’s Room, interact with the Jack In The Box in the corner of the room. When it pops, interact again to pick it up as a Lagniappe.

Chapter 3

Unmasked Evil

Chapter 3 - Unmasked Evil 1 - Alone in the Dark

Whilst exploring Taroella, (this is before you encounter the Dark Man as Emily if playing as her), go through an ivy-covered gap, to a hidden room. There you can pick up the Unmasked Evil Lagniappe from the table in front of you.



Chapter 3 - Matchbook

This Lagniappe is unmissable as it is automatically given to you at the start of New Orleans after the cut-scene.


Typewriter Ribbon

Chapter 3 - Typewriter Ribbon - Alone in the Dark

The Typewriter Ribbon is found on a bunch of crates in the corner of the docks area.


Severed Horn

Chapter 3 - Severed Horn - Alone in the Dark

One you might need your flashlight for. In the Warehouse building, this is to the left of the main exit door, on the ground floor, on a crate.


Witness the Black Pharaoh

Chapter 3 - Witness the Black Pharaoh

After you have escaped the Warehouse, before heading to the house that is the mission objective, head down the side alley and into a courtyard where you can find this poster Lagniappe on the wall.


Canopic Jar

Chapter 3 - Canopic Jar - Alone in the Dark

Once you have fallen into the tomb, check out this Lagniappe next to the foot of the large statue in front of you.


Children of a Dark Sun

Chapter 3 - Children of a Dark Sun - Alone in the Dark

Whilst you are solving the light puzzles in the tomb, don’t miss this Lagniappe in an upstairs room in the tomb area.

Chapter 4

Broken Spectacles

Chapter 4 - Broken Spectacles

For this Lagniappe, you will need to go back into the previously-empty WC room in the mansion, and inspect the sink to pick them up.


Opera Playbill

Chapter 4 - Opera Playbill - Alone in the Dark

Head into the Small Parlor, and you will find this Lagniappe on a chair by the fireplace


The Flying Dutchman

Chapter 4 - The Flying Dutchman - Alone in the Dark

For this Lagniappe, go to the Treatment Room, and you will find this one on a chair.


Map of Caribbean

Chapter 4 - Map of Caribbean

Use the France item on the Locked Globe in the Sitting Room, to reveal this Lagniappe.


Movie Script

Chapter 4 - Movie Script - Alone in the Dark

Head into Cassandra’s Room, and you will find the Movie Script Lagniappe in a Box of her things, next to the typewriter.


War Photo

Chapter 4 - War Photo - Alone in the Dark

When you head into Ruth’s Room, you will find the War Photo on the dresser, near the bed.


Jangling Shaker

Chapter 4 - Jangling Shaker

When you enter the Grand Parlor, you will find it transformed, just like it was in a previous cut scene, except this time you can explore it freely. Head behind the bar and look on the floor for this Lagniappe.



Chapter 4 - Scapegoat - Alone in the Dark

This one is fairly easy to spot, as it is just to the right, as you first enter the Infirmary.


Tessellated Shard

Chapter 4 - Tessellated Shard - Alone in the Dark

When you come to, in the Attic, and can explore, check in the secluded corner, and you’ll find it on a table next to a bust on a table.


Broken Compass

Chapter 4 - Broken Compass

On the boat level, approach the lower level from the front of the boat, and you will find this Lagniappe inside the engine area on a crate.


Pallid Mask

Chapter 4 - Pallid Mask - Alone in the Dark

Once you get to the top of the boat, head to the front and you will see a hole in the floor. Drop down to a locked room and explore the next room to then find this Lagniappe on a red chair.


Ashes of Indigo

Chapter 4 - Ashes of Indigo - Alone in the Dark

When you finally get into the Empty Room, look on the right, atop a white cover sheet.


Box of Biscuits

Chapter 4 - Box of Biscuits

When exploring the Old Archives, you will find the Box of Biscuits Lagniappe on the left of the desk full of stuff.


Toe Tag

Chapter 4 - Toe Tag - Alone in the Dark

In Flooded Morgue, after you have witnessed the cutscene, interact with the Toe Tag again to acquire it as a Lagniappe.


Do Not Disturb

Chapter 4 - Do Not Disturb - Alone in the Dark

This Lagniappe is on the door to Dr Gray’s Apartment and is difficult to miss.


Toy Talisman

Chapter 4 - Toy Talisman

This Lagniappe can be found on the floor of Dr Gray’s Apartment.


Sallow Offering

Chapter 4 - Sallow Offering - Alone in the Dark

As soon as you enter the frozen tundra, turn to the right after getting the flare gun, and there’s a tent. To the left is a diary, but interact with the “point” or “top” of the tent, and you will get the Sallow Offering.


We’ll be adding the last few in the coming days, stay tuned…