Alone in the Dark talisman guide | all the codes for the puzzles

by on March 19, 2024

The Alone in the Dark talisman plays a huge role in the game, unlocking access to new areas via three-digit codes. Each time you progress from the Decerto mansion to a new area, you will likely need a code to input with the Alone in the Dark talisman which sends you somewhere new, advancing the story.

The thing is, most of the puzzles in Alone in the Dark are environmental-based. By this we mean you need to pixel hunt, or search your surrounding areas well to find the solution to almost all the puzzles. The Alone in the Dark talisman codes are no different, either. Every time you will find the solution in the room or nearby, but they aren’t always obvious what order to put them in. For example, some are show on screen and need inputting from left to right, while others are based on the size of the circle, as the talisman has a large (outer), medium (middle), and small (inner) circle you can turn to input a code.

Alone in the Dark talisman guide | all the codes for the puzzles

With our handy guide, simply look up the code, and progress. Hurrah!

  • French quarters, return to Decerto code: 3-5-8
  • Astronomical clock code: 6-4-3
  • Basement / valve code: 9-7-5
  • Taroella code: 9-4-1 (note: this one is automatically input for you)
  • Attic statue code: 9-3-1
  • Attic code 2: 6-4-1
  • Gray’s office: 0-0-0

These codes are all universal as per whichever playthrough you’re using. However, the last one in Gray’s Office is based on the patterns from the markings on his bedroom floor. This worked out as 0-0-0 for us, matching the talisman up to the image, but we can’t be sure that particular one is always 0-0-0.

With these codes, however, you should never get stuck again. If you’re having problems in chapter three with a particular safe, we’ve got the solution for that one, as well. And make sure you pick up all the Lagniappes as well, so you can maximise your time with Emily or Edward.