Alone in the Dark warehouse safe code | How to find the code

by on March 19, 2024

The Alone in the Dark warehouse safe is a puzzle that might stump people in the reboot of the beloved classic. It’s not what we’d call an early puzzle, but in a game full of them, it’s one that’s really easy to miss the solution to. It requires pixel hunting like the classic games in the series, only it also involves getting the right camera angle and the right lighting to be able to work out the solution to the Alone in the Dark warehouse safe at all.

Most of the puzzles in Alone in the Dark involve environmental solutions, and the Alone in the Dark warehouse safe solution is no different. As you progress through chapter 3 you will eventually find yourself in an older version of New Orleans, trying to get through the docks area to get into the warehouse. Trouble is, once you get inside, there’s a locked safe and opening it is the only way to progress.

Alone in the Dark warehouse safe: any clues?

Alone in the Dark warehouse safe: how to solve?

To solve the safe for yourself, we’ll give you a few clues. You’ll need to check the room the safe is in thoroughly, and look in cupboards at certain angles, making sure your torch is switched on, and you are shining it at the cupboards in question. If you find the cupboard that’s right (side of the room not too far from the safe), you’ll spot writing once you’ve picked up an item called “ALL HIS THINGS” that gives you the solution.

This piece of writing also gives another clue, in the form of highlighted words. “What” is left, “Later” is right, and “Hell” is back again. How many letters are in the word “what”? What about the word “Later”, and why might they be left, or right? Heavy clues, but read on if you just want the answer to the puzzle.

What’s the code, then?

Alone in the Dark warehouse safe code

If you just want the code, it’s picture above, with the solution as to how you enter it. The number of the safe is 454, but the rotations to get to them is counter-clockwise to 4, clockwise back to 5, then counter-clockwise back to 4. So that’s left (4), right (5), left (4). There you go, you’ve cracked the safe and can progress with the story to see exactly what’s going on in Decerto and what’s going on with all the characters within the game.

And there you have it, you’ve solved the safe puzzle.