Alone in the Dark safe codes guide | open those pesky safes

by on March 19, 2024

There are an awful lot of Alone in the Dark safe codes to find within the reboot of the adventure series, and to maximise your time with the game you’ll want to open every one. Most of the time the solutions to finding one of the Alone in the Dark safe codes is to explore thoroughly, taking in the sights of Decerto and reading every piece of information you can find.

From the smallest note, to the inside of a ring, there are codes hidden almost everywhere. While there’s not hundreds to find, there are plenty of Alone in the Dark safe codes to discover, with some of them being vital to progressing the story. Most are optional, offering more flavour text and adding context to the events and explaining what people have been up to, but if you’re struggling with one in chapter three in a warehouse, you might need this specific guide to solve it, as that one will stop you continuing the story.


With that in mind, this Alone in the Dark safe codes guide is designed to get you past the safes littered throughout Derceto Mansion, and in the other places you might visit. We won’t be spoiling, aside place names, but be warned that if you’re just starting out, place names might be a spoiler themselves. If you’re looking for talisman codes, we’ve got those here, too. Anyway, on with the guide.

Empty room code (Edwards): Left 6, right 9, left 2. The numbers match Edwards’ detective ID.

Empty room code (Emily): Left 9, right 1, left 8.

Gray’s office code : Left 9, right 1, left 3. The code is in the note you got when you came back from the previous location.

And there you have it, aside the warehouse code which we listed above with a separate guide, you’ve solved all the safe puzzles that might otherwise block your progress. Congratulations!