Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth celebratory t-shirt set now available

by on March 8, 2024

RGG Studio and SEGA has announced the Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth celebratory t-shirt set is now available in game, and in real life, too.

The t-shirt set is to “commemorate one million units of the critically acclaimed Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth shipped within one week of its launch”, and the developer and publisher say that it’s free on all platforms right now. That million sold in a week actually also makes it the fastest selling title in the Like a Dragon/Yakuza series history.


The Celebratory T-Shirt Set includes 11 unique T-shirts, wearable by each party member, and can be accessed at the outfit selection in the Alo-Happy room. These cosmetics are free to owners of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and automatically acquired by applying patch 1.18.

In our 10/10 scoring review, Chris White said: “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is the greatest the series has ever been, and despite those action-orientated games that set RGG on its developmental path, having a turn-based RPG with minor action elements was a big change with the first title, and going one step further and making it even more fun and addictive was the right decision. You can still explore and do tons of activities while uncovering a deep story filled with twists, turns, and emotional beats, but it feels entirely new at times, especially with everything the developer has added. There’s nothing I’d change about this one, and it improves on what’s come before it, and features a story worth investing your time in. Infinite Wealth is a masterpiece”.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth - celebration t-shirt details

Interestingly, some of the t-shirts are also available as real-world physical clothing items, as well. You can find them via the Matsumoto Shave Ice Online Shop and the SEGA Store.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is out now for PC, Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5.