Persona 3 Reload expansion pass announced, Episode Aigis coming late 2024

by on March 7, 2024

Atlus has announced an expansion pass for Persona 3 Reload which includes the Episode Aigis epilogue, as well as loads of music.

The announcement was made during the Xbox Partner Showcase, but will be for all formats the game is on (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox), and the expansion pass will be released in three parts, from March 12th for part one, with May adding the second part, and the final one in September. It’ll cost $34.99 and is available to buy now.

Here’s part one, coming on March 12th:

Persona 5 Royal EX BGM Set and Persona 4 Golden EX BGM Set – March 12, 2024

Unlock and listen to additional tracks from Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4 Golden while exploring and battling in dungeons in Persona 3 Reload and Episode Aigis -The Answer-.

Persona 5 Royal EX BGM Set includes Life Will Change, Beneath the Mask, Kichijoji 199X, Gentle Madman, I Believe, Keeper of Lust, Blooming Villain, and Victory (appears on battle results screen).

Persona 4 Golden EX BGM Set includes Backside of the TV, Game, Junes Theme, Heaven, Long Way, Revelations: Mitsuo, The Almighty, Results (appears on battle results screen).


Velvet Costume & BGM Set – May 2024

Unlock Velvet Room themed costumes and BGM to further customize your dungeon experience in Persona 3 Reload and Persona 3 Reload: Episode Aigis -The Answer-. Velvet BGM Set includes Electronica In Velvet Room (“P4D” ver.), Battle Hymn of the Soul (t.komine REMIX “AT 1st” P3D-EDIT ver.), Battle Hymn of the Soul (Daisuke Asakura Remix), Battle Hymn of the Soul -USH ver.-, and Dance Hymn of the Soul (Disco In Velvet Room) (appears on battle results screen).

Episode Aigis -The Answer- – September 2024

Delve into this final chapter now with cutting-edge graphics, modernized quality-of-life features, fresh animations and UI, and a rearranged soundtrack.

Added to the main game 16 years ago with the release of Persona 3 FES “The Answer” is a major post-ending DLC that expands the story of Persona 3 Reload.

After unravelling the mysteries of the Dark Hour, fighting epic battles through Tartarus, and all the unforgettable events of Persona 3 Reload, the S.E.E.S. members find themselves trapped in a never-ending March 31st. Journey through the Abyss of Time as Aigis, undertake new challenges, and uncover the cause of this strange fate and the truth of what happened on that day…

Persona 3 Reload is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox.