WWE 2K24 | How to break the ring

by on March 5, 2024

There are those moments when watching WWE that manage to stay with you forever, and to this day some of the most memorable are when Superstars manage to completely obliterate the ring. Former The Big Show managed to do it three times when he was in the company, and it never got old. If it’s something you’ve heard about or want to try it for yourself in WWE 2K24, we’ve put together a handy guide which will show you how to break the ring during a match.

WWE 2K24: Use the right Superstars

Unfortunately, not every Superstar is capable of this impressive and destructive set piece. It makes sense, though, as it wouldn’t be believable if the likes of Seth Rollins dropped Sami Zayn through the plywood after all. Firstly, you’ll need to make sure the opposing Superstar is in the ‘Super Heavyweight’ class. Guys like Andre the Giant and Vader are perfect, but we went with Yokozuna for this guide (you can check their weight class when selecting Superstars for the match). As for who you select, they don’t need to be big boys themselves, however, you need to make sure they’re going to be able to life them up. For that reason, we picked The Undertaker.

Damage your opponent before attempting it

This part isn’t particularly tricky to do, but you’ll need to wear your opponent down somewhat if you want to break the ring in WWE 2K24. As you can see from the image below, we had Yokozuna in the orange for his upper body and read for his head. A little trial and error might be beneficial if you’re not sure, but they need to have suffered a decent amount of damage.

WWE 2K24 Break the Ring Guide 1

Get them on the top turnbuckle and attempt a superplex

When you’re ready to attempt it, grapple with Circle/B and Irish whip them into the corner (don’t hold in Circle/B to throw them too hard as they’ll just bounce off). Once your opponent is in the corner, press up on the right analogue stick and you’ll hoist them onto the top turnbuckle. As they sit there, grapple with Circle/B (always check your moveset in case you can’t superplex) and perform a superplex. What follows is pretty spectacular, as not only does the ring break but you automatically win the match.