Songs of Conquest 1.0 release date announced

by on April 23, 2024

Coffee Stain Publishing and developer Lavapotion has together announced the 1.0 release date for fantasy strategy title, Songs of Conquest. Along with this, we’ve also got details of a new Barya campaign, as well as a load of refinements for the 1.0 update.

But first, let’s say what everyone will want to hear. The 1.0 release date for Songs of Conquest is May 20th. This comes after around two years of early access for the turn-based strategy title, and Coffee Stain says the release date will bring with it “new features and improvements, alongside a brand new single player campaign”.

Check out the new trailer, below:


Songs of Conquest is a strategy adventure game following in the footsteps of iconic turn-based titles of yore. Combining tactical turn-based combat with kingdom management, players are challenged to raise powerful armies, wage battle against enemy factions and hunt for resources across the world to expand their empire.

1.0 will introduce the fourth single player story campaign to Songs of Conquest, exploring the mercantile nation of Barya. Players will lead Barya through an important moment in its rich lore, and lift the veil on this desert-based faction with a love for gold and gunpowder.

Carl Toftfelt, Lead Game Designer at Lavapotion said: “Songs of Conquest is a product of years of passion, hard work and love for this genre, and to see it reach 1.0 is an incredible milestone for us. We’re very proud of how far the game has come through Early Access, and wouldn’t be here now without the incredible feedback and support from players who’ve already jumped into our humble strategy game,” adding: “The content launching with 1.0 will really expand what Songs of Conquest can offer – we hope our existing fans will love it, and we’re looking forward to inviting new Wielders into the world of Aerbor in May”.

Songs of Conquest will launch into 1.0 on May 20th.