New World “Rabbit’s Revenge” event is returning

by on May 29, 2024

Amazon Games has announced the return of the “Rabbit’s Revenge” event for New World, starting on June 4th and running until June 18th.

The event brings back corrupted rabbits, which will roam across the world of Aeternum, and will net you event-specific loot like a corrupted Flail, a corrupted armour skin, and “an emote that only the most corrupt Adventurers will discover”, says Amazon Games.

Thankfully, as well, the developer says that all rewards (apart from the emote) are guaranteed after a certain number of the corrupted rabbits have been beaten. The rewards reset at 5am local time, with Amazon citing the example: “if you grab six Diamond Gypsum at 4:58 a.m., you’ll be able to earn another at 5:01 a.m.”

Here’s the list of rewards the rabbits can drop:

  • Diamond Gypsum – (66% Drop Chance). Daily Limit: 6 per day
  • Defiled Rabbit’s Foot (80% Drop Chance). Consumable Item: Increases Luck. Daily Limit: 5 per day
  • Corrupted Rabbit Mask (1.5% Drop Chance). Head Skin. Guaranteed after defeating 200 corrupted rabbits.. Limit: 1 per event
  • Corruption’s Peak Weapon (1% Drop Chance). Flail. Guaranteed after defeating 300 corrupted rabbits.. Limit: 1 per event
  • Corruption’s Barricade Skin (0.5% Drop Chance). Armour skin. Guaranteed after defeating 350 corrupted rabbits. Limit: 1 per event
  • Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare (0.25% Drop Chance). Housing Item. Guaranteed after defeating 400 corrupted rabbits. Limit: 1 per event

In our review of New World, we said: “Ultimately, New World is a pretty damn good MMORPG. It’s fun and accessible, and though it doesn’t do anything truly new, it has enough little twists on existing ideas to keep me invested. I’m not in the endgame yet, so more on that later, but the hours I’ve poured in so far have seen me buy property and become a carpenter while also breaking zombie heads and that can only be the sure sign of a winner. New World might not be the most original MMO out there, but it’s heart is certainly in the right place, and that’s maybe more important.”

New World is out now for PC.