Songs of Conquest has now sold 500,000 units, post-launch roadmap revealed

by on May 28, 2024

Developer Lavapotion and Coffee Stain Publishing has announced Songs of Conquest has sold 500,000 units, and also revealed details of a new expansion as part of the post-launch roadmap.

Despite being in early access for around two years, the developer already has more plans for Songs of Conquest, though it’s worth noting you may have to wait a little while for some of the bigger pieces of content to be released. First up, though, is the “Rise Eternal” DLC, which is coming “this Fall”. The team says “Rise Eternal is the first downloadable content that will be coming alongside a free update to Songs of Conquest in Fall 2024, focusing on the game’s necromantic Barony of Loth faction.”


Rise Eternal will also be introducing the concept of Tales, story missions that seek to complement the campaigns of the four original factions and push the story forward. The debut DLC will focus on a brand-new Barony of Loth Wielder by the name of Kastus Maal, a scholar slain by Arleon baroness Cecilia Stoutheart. Kastus, now risen and in possession of strong necromantic magic, seeks vengeance against the baroness.

Aside from story missions, Rise Eternal will also bring new artifacts, set bonuses and improvements to the Necromancy gameplay mechanics that is unique to the Barony of Loth faction and free for all players who have purchased the game.

One of the bigger pieces coming to the game is “The Bleak East Expansion”! which is set for Q2 2025, and will add two new factions to the game in the form of the Vanir, and the Roots. Lavapotion says “These factions will be introduced through a large single player campaign, where players will get to experience the harsh new biomes and dangers of the Bleak East.”

“We knew from the very beginning that faction variety is crucial for the health of a turn-based strategy like Songs of Conquest.” said Carl Toftfelt, Lead Game Designer at Lavapotion. “Our players have been asking for new factions ever since the closed beta, and we’re super stoked to introduce Vanir and the Roots, and we look forward to sharing more over the coming months.”

You can see the roadmap below, so there’s plenty more coming, too.

Songs of Conquest

“We set out to make Songs of Conquest some seven years ago, and seeing players enjoy the game is making us immensely proud of what we’ve created.” Magnus Alm, CEO and co-founder of Lavapotion shares. “Developing expansions and DLCs wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated player base that’s been sticking with us throughout development – thank you for believing in us, we cannot wait to see what you think of what’s to come.”

Songs of Conquest is out now on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. It’s coming to PS5 and Xbox Series S|X in “Fall this year”.