Valheim Ashlands update is now live, adding new enemies and weapons

by on May 14, 2024

Coffee Stain Publishing and developer Iron Gate has announced the Ashlands update for Valheim is now live. The game has collaborated once again with BRIKK Animation to create a new trailer for the new biome, with the tagline: “Those strong enough to claim what is theirs by right of might can now lay siege to Ashlands and its dreadful master.”

There are new enemies such as “the new kind of Necks called the Asksvin or the winged Voltures that lie in wait to ambush unsuspecting prey”, says the developer, and a whole lot more with this new biome. Check out the new trailer, below:


After conquering the veiled Mistlands and learning how to wield magic, Vikings will now have to fight tooth and nail to establish a foothold in the Ashlands. Treacherous cliffs and slithering dangers await in the boiling waters that only the sturdiest ships can navigate, and even arrival to the new biome will prove to be a challenge.

The Ashlands biome doesn’t relent, and redefines what difficulty means in Valheim. While a large portion of the enemy forces consists of the reanimated dead known as Charred, far more lethal foes await as well. Unlike her living sisters, the Fallen Valkyrie roams the skies of Ashlands twisted by fury, and the monstrous Morgen prowls the scorched earth in search of prey to sate its eternal hunger.

“We didn’t want to just release another biome but with fire instead of mist,” said Andreas Tomasson, Valheim producer. “Ashlands is supposed to feel like a struggle, and players should expect a challenge. Every inch of territory you claim has to be earned, and every outpost has to be reinforced before you venture deeper. We’re entering endgame territory here, and players need to be ready for what comes in the Deep North.”

Within the game, along with this update, you can now craft catapults, and battering rams, but also a new Slayer greatsword, Splitnir spear, and Ripper crossbow, all three of which can be further enhanced with gems that make them have powers of nature, blood, and storm.

Valheim is out now for PC.