Deep Rock Galactic Season 05 detailed, launching on Steam soon

by on June 5, 2024

Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games have shared details about what fans can expect from Deep Rock Galactic Season 05. The latest update, which is now available in Experimental, will be coming to Steam on June 13, and will feature a new mission with fresh bugs to destroy, twerking (obviously), a new Hazard 5+ difficulty, and more.

Titled Drilling Deeper, it includes a new mission type called Deep Scan which sends miners deeper underground than ever before to excavate a special Morkite Geode for its valuable Morkite Seeds. Special scanners will need to be utilised to identify and unearth resonance crystals before hooking them up to the scanner and triangulating the location of the Morkite Geode. To coincide with the new mission are a bunch of new enemies such as the Glyphid who can conceal itself and lie in wait to attack unsuspecting players, as well as the Barrage Infector, Vartok Scalebramble and Corespawn Crawler.

To help players with the new mission and enemy types in Deep Rock Galactic Season 05, there are 12 new overclocks, one for each primary weapon, as well as a reworked Conductor Bullets overclock for the Voltaic SMG. There are three new weapon paintjobs and a new cosmetic DLC called ‘Order of the Deep’ that allows players to wear outfits inspired by the guild of greybeards, a team of brave dwarves who traversed the darkest depths of Hoxxes IV. And finally, the most important part of the update…players will be able to twerk to their heart’s content.

There’s even more stuff coming to with Deep Rock Galactic Season 05, and you can watch the announcement trailer below: