Valorant Episode 9 Act I adds Evori Dreamwings skinline

by on June 25, 2024

Riot Games has lifted the lid on Valorant Episode 9 Act I, which starts on June 26th, and will add the Evori Dreamwings skinline, and a lot more.

With the Evori Dreamwings skinline, each weapon will have its own unique familiar (cat, bunny, bear, mouse, and butterfly) that will be with you throughout a match. it’ll animate and transform, and have emotes. The smaller size familiar (on the Vandal, Odin, and Spectre weapons) will appear on the top of the weapon as part of the red dot sight, and will jump when you jump, focus when you aim down sights, etc. Larger ones appear on all weapons during the inspect animation and on guns to help you reload. These larger familiars have unique animations and visual effects as well as sounds for every action, like reloading, equipping, and so on.


Here’s the list of familiars:

  • Evori, the Butterfly: Began the Dreamwings and as such has some of the traits of all of them. Symbolizes transformation and growth
  • Lunari, the Cat: A born leader. Thoughtful and helpful, always making the best decisions for the team. Symbolizes the moon and the night
  • Solari, the Mouse: Bold and energetic, Solari is always active. Symbol is a star and fireworks
  • Terrari, the Rabbit: Strong and loyal, with unbreakable family bonds. Symbol is a diamond and nature
  • Amari, the Bear: Kind and loving, always uplifting others and giving the best hugs. Symbolizes love and hearts

And the list of weapons in the bundle:

  • Vandal
  • Spectre
  • Odin
  • Ghost
  • Evori’s Spellcaster (melee)
  • 4 variants (default lavender, pink, green, and orange)

Speaking about the Evori Dreamwings, Laura Baltzer, Product Manager said: “There weren’t always Familiars on these weapons! When we were first concepting this skinline, it was beautiful but there were no little creatures along with you on your journey. It’s hard to imagine the skin without them now as they’ve become so much a part of what makes this skinline special. Also, they weren’t always the cute animals you see today. We went through so many different versions of what the Familiars might look like. Elemental creatures, amorphous blobs… even Blueberry (from one of the sprays and map decals) showed up at one point in a concept. We ended up where we did because we wanted players to be able to see bits of their own personalities and feelings in the Familiars. So everyone can pick the one they feel represents them and sparkle just as brightly as they do!”

In terms of the main battle pass of Episode 9 Act I, it’ll cost 1000VP to get involved when it kicks off on June 26th. Riot has provided a list of some of the highlighted items on the new Valorant free track:

  • Bubble Pop Classic
  • That’s Terrifying Spray
  • Tanghulu Gun Buddy
  • Dream Bubble Card
  • Epilogue: Bot Means Business Card

Valorant Classic Bubble Pop

On the paid track, here’s some more Riot-selected highlights:

  • Convergence Phantom
  • Bubble Pop Light Stick
  • Bubble Pop Vandal
  • Bumble Brigade Bulldog
  • Home Again // Viper Card
  • Lost and Found Card
  • Power of Five Spray
  • Blinded Again Spray
  • Brimsicle Gun Buddy

Valorant is out now on PC.