Weyrdlets is coming in July

by on June 10, 2024

Malaysian indie studio Weyrdworks has today announced its free-to-play virtual pet sim Weyrdlets will launch on PC on July 23. Players who can’t wait that long are free to try out the demo as part of Steam Next Fest.

Described by some as “Animal Crossing meets Nintendogs,” Weyrdlets is a desktop virtual pet game that seamlessly blends cute pet-caretaking relaxation with the feeling of accomplishment via genuine productivity. Weyrdlets also features Twitch integration, allowing streamers to engage with their communities during co-working streams or while queuing up in their favorite multiplayer titles.

Some of the key features in the game include the following:

  • Adopt a Virtual Desktop Pet: Experience adopting a unique virtual pet with quirky behaviors. Just like in reality, engage in lifelike interactions – pet, grab, feed, and play with your companion both in-game and on your desktop!
  • Work and Chill Together: Turn work into play with your companion! Bring your pet onto the desktop to watch videos with you, roam around, and beat stress while you study, tackle emails, or doomscroll.
  • Personalize and Customize: Personalize your pet and its environment with accessories and stickers, from Viking hats and shades to charming home decor. Express your style and creativity by decorating your pet and its home with flair!
  • Pet-Centric Productivity: Increase your productivity with in-game tools on your desktop, including a Pomodoro timer, a to-do list, and then wind down with a daily self-reflection logger. Enjoy enhanced focus and efficiency while your companion keeps you company. 

For those of you who want to see what the game is like, you can visit YouTube and watch the trailer. Or, because we’re so nice, you can check it out below: