Gal Gun Double Peace review

by on April 19, 2022
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March 17, 2022


It’s no secret that because I cover some of the more obscure anime-inspired titles here at GodisaGeek towers, that I often end up playing some pretty lewd games. Whether it’s a JRPG with a skimpy outfit or two or a 2d platformer that firmly believes that sex sells, I’m unfortunately more than familiar with jiggle physics. One infamous series I’d avoided until now though is Gal Gun, but this saucy shooter found me eventually. I can now confirm that Gal Gun Double Peace is unlike anything I’ve experienced before.

Our hero, for want of a better word, Houdai is just your average forgettable student. He’s never been particularly successful in the romance department, but that all start to change when an angel accidentally hits him with a supercharged shot from her love gun. Until sunset Houdai is irresistable, and is faced with the entire school throwing themselves at him.

This isn’t your standard nerd’s fantasy though, because there’s a catch to all this power. He has this supernatural attractiveness because the angel’s shot made it so all his opportunities to find love are happening in one day. If he doesn’t find someone to spend his life with before sunset he never will, so decides to spend his day trying to woo his childhood friends Maya and Shinobu.

A screenshot of Gal Gun Double Peace

Going about his daily business isn’t easy with girls throwing themselves at him, but fortunately his apologetic new angel ally knows has to stop these young women in their tracks. With the power of the (ahem) pheromone shot, you can put them into a state of euphoria and continue your quest for love.

The gameplay Gal Gun Double Peace is essentially that of a rail shooter, but instead of zombies or criminals you’re shooting schoolgirls and making them “euphoric”. I won’t pretend it isn’t more than a little concerning, and it only gets worse when you start using some of your special abilities.

I’d say that the Doki Doki Field is probably the most disturbing part of Gal Gun Double Peace, and that’s saying something. By building up your heart meter you can lock onto up to three girls and activate the Field. These lucky ladies then all lie in provocative positions while you touch or rub parts of their body. There are different areas you can focus on to earn more bonus points, and once you finish your fondling the girls will emit an AoE explosion taking out multiple enemies.

A screenshot of Gal Gun Double Peace

It’s important to mention that all of this is happening in a school setting, to girls that I’d have to assume are of school age. Each stage is a different area of the school, with fun locations like the swimming pool and changing rooms all represented here. Popping up from a hole in the floor of the changing room at perfect underskirt height was a personal low point in my life.

Throughout all this, there is actually quite a lot going on in the gameplay. For example there’s a zoom function to help you find hidden items in each stage, which also allows you to fire your pheromones through walls. Unfortunately this function also allows you to see through clothes, and if you buy a specific upgrade from the school store find out the measurements of each girl.

The shop has plenty of other lovely items too, such as cameras that allow you to see the girls from different (and let’s face it lewder) angles in Doki Doki mode. If you’d rather not unlock bonus filth, there are power ups and items that alter your personality stats that you can spend your hard earned coins on.

Your personality stats and the choices you make in cutscenes will lead to the ending you get, and there are plenty to try for. Playing through a single run only takes a couple of hours, so if (for some reason) you’re having a good time there’s a lot of replayability.

A screenshot of Gal Gun Double Peace

The saving grace of Gal Gun Double Peace is how many costumes there are to choose from for the girls. Now I know what you’re thinking – but as well as all the maid and swimwear options you could ever want, there are also some funny outfits in the selection. I played through the majority of the game with all the schoolgirls dressed in creepy bunny and bear costumes, and other than a few cutscenes and sexual noises it felt like I was playing a weird horror game.

Another thing I need to commend Gal Gun on is how well it runs. Despite the content of the visuals, the graphics are actually really impressive. Most third party Switch games don’t look half as good as this, and I didn’t notice any framerate issues either.

Gal Gun Double Peace is a game that really isn’t worth playing unless you have very specific tastes. The rail shooter gameplay feels uninspired without a lightgun or pointer controls, and the content is borderline disgusting. It’s hard to deny the quality of the Switch port, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about all the half naked children.


Graphically impressive and runs great on the Switch
Some costumes hide the schoolgirls’ bodies


Not fun to play
All just an excuse to check out underage girls
The term pheromone shot is horrific

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In Short

Instead of being fun to play, Gal Gun Double Peace focuses entirely on half naked schoolgirls.