GravaStar Mars Pro speaker review

by on August 12, 2022

Finding a perfect speaker can be a difficult choice with options being so vast that it can be daunting to even look for the perfect speaker for you. With big names such as Apple’s HomePod and Amazon’s Alexa being huge competitors in the market. The Mars Pro from GravaStar is something to definitely take a look at.

Upon opening the box you are met with an impressive mecha-looking speaker that is certain to catch the eye. The Mars Pro is built to stand out and is robust and unlike the aforementioned HomePod or Alexa it does not require being plugged in to work, nor an internet connection. For me the portability option is a big plus as it means you can bring a quality Bluetooth speaker with you essentially anywhere. When in use the Mars Pro lights up, it has six different colours to pick from. The black version we have pairs excellently with the red LEDs and simply put: it looks incredible.

The LEDs can also be set to pulse slowly or can be set to the music mode, which matches the lights to the beat of the song and is an incredible sight. In addition to the many features of the speaker, it announces when it turns on or off which really makes it feel weirdly alive. All the buttons are blended into the speaker’s housing beautifully which really helps with it’s magnificent look.

In terms of sound quality it really is marvellous. Even when put at full volume audio still sounds crisp and not at all distorted, which is very pleasant seeing as other products such as Amazon’s Alexa do indeed distort at higher volumes. The bass on the speaker is powerful and punchy which obviously makes it very bassy, but not at the expense of any highs or mids which also sound crisp and clear. You can pretty much throw anything at it and it’ll give back an excellent listening experience. You really can hear everything you would want to with this speaker making it a device to please audiophiles anywhere. It is truly remarkable.

Gravastar Mars speaker

However, one potentially obvious drawback to a Bluetooth speaker is that you cannot really play games with it properly due to lag between on-screen action and the audio accompanying it. In addition, due to its bassy nature, audiobooks and podcasts can on occasion be slightly muffled — but it really is not too major.

The Mars Pro can connect to anything with Bluetooth which is really neat. In comparison the Apple HomePod is only allowed to connect to Apple devices due to the fact it connects via AirPlay. Personally I much prefer being able to connect to any apps or devices unrelated to Apple. The Mars Pro really performs excellently with apps like Spotify and is not almost exclusive to performing well with Apple Music like the HomePod.

The price, however, is not cheap, the black or white version coming in at £229.95 and the special editions like the War Damaged Yellow come in at £329.95. Speakers of this quality are usually around this price though, and the now discontinued original HomePod was sold on release for £349. I do think it is worth the high price tag though if you really enjoy music frequently to warrant spending the money on it.

Overall the Mars Pro by GravaStar is a remarkable piece of kit for listening to music on and nearly a perfect speaker aside from the lag when playing games. The design is truly unique and very, very cool. It’s sound quality is exceptional. The price is a slight drawback but if you truly are looking for a speaker to enjoy music to the fullest then this might just be the choice for you.


Amazing audio quality
Looks incredible
Very user friendly


Price is quite high

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In Short

Overall the Mars Pro by GravaStar is a remarkable piece of kit for listening to music on and nearly a perfect speaker aside from the lag when playing games.