GravaStar Sirius Pro wireless earbuds review

by on August 12, 2022

The first thing you notice when getting the GravaStar Sirius Pro wireless earbuds is the stand-out colour scheme (there’s plenty of choice there) matched with lightweight professional packaging. The packaging takes a little initiative to figure out, but nothing extremely problematic. Once you get the casing, the second noticeable feature is the size. It looks alien-like, however once you find the button on the side, all confusion fades away. The casing holds a bottle opener along with LEDs to complete its futuristic and sleek look. The design of the actual earbuds are subtle and clean, they rest in your ears, and they look good.

Putting on the earbuds was truth be told, a bit of a struggle at first, as they did fall out often. But once they stayed in, the sound quality was very good compared to any average earbud. The bass is average, but it is clearly noticeable. Exercise is a bit more difficult as you do have to adjust them quite a lot, so running might not be the best thing to do with them sadly.

One big feature is the controls. Tapping the left earbud pauses music or accepts a call, while tapping it twice will go to the previous song. The right earbud will skip to the next with a double tap, and other controls can turn your earbuds into either music, movie, music or gaming mode.

Gravastar Sirius Pro

Gaming Mode pinpoints the direction of your enemy’s footsteps with 5.1 virtual surround sound, so is fantastic for shooters or any stealth games. Likewise, Movie Mode offers a full cinematic experience with HD surround sound to put you right in the middle of the action. You can also decrease and increase the volume and activate Siri if you have an iPhone or iOS-based device. These features are incredibly useful because you don’t have to touch your phone, making the wireless experience that much more smooth.

The price is in the mid-range for a higher-end earbud. At the top of the range are the war damaged colour options which offer slightly more durability and are a bit more unique at a higher cost of £125. At the cheaper end there’s black, grey, and green, which offer a more subtle design which may be a desire to some. The range of prices gives a cheaper option to those who want a sleek higher end earbud which provides good quality sound able to cater to movies, music, and video games. It is still expensive for some, but the price is reasonable, and competitive when compared to the likes of Apple’s AirPods.

Taking calls is easy, noise cancelling makes sure you’re the only one heard and you can call for ages, and a 4-hour battery life is more than enough to enjoy your music and movies. For being cheaper than Apple products, they match them, and the side touch is more responsive than most. The range of the Bluetooth is very good, adding once more to the experience. Putting away the earbuds is extremely easy as the magnet inside the casing is strong and can adjust the earbuds so it’s satisfying to put away with the conformational click once the case is closed.

Overall the GravaStar Sirius Pro wireless earbuds offer a very good experience, and great value for money. This is a unique piece which functions well and serves it’s purpose and beyond. While the fit was an issue for a while, once adjusted in the ear its easy to forget that they’re even there.


Good value for money
Offers lots of options
Wireless controls are excellent


Fit/size can be an issue
Bass isn't that impressive

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In Short

Overall the GravaStar Sirius Pro wireless earbuds offer a very good experience, and great value for money.