Lofree Flow Bluetooth keyboard review

by on November 4, 2023

I don’t tend to be a big fan of low-profile keyboards. I have big fingertips that are better suited top high-profile mechanical keys, and if I’m honest I just like busy, feature-rich keyboards like the Q-Pad MK95. But I have used a Logitech K780 for quite some time when I’m writing long-form articles on my phone or tablet, as I just really like the feel of the keys. But that pales a little when compared to the Lofree Flow keyboard.

This is a fantastic keyboard. Small, sleek, easy to store in a bag if you’re on the go, it offers great versatility and, more importantly, functionality. In fact, my only grips really is that I can’t work out how to produce a damn “pipe” symbol on it.

It’s not an inexpensive device, especially considering it was developed off the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign. It’s an all-aluminium design, which certainly contributes to the price, but it’s also gorgeous-looking. It sits comfortably on my desk, taking up way less space than my usual keyboard, and is easy to put to one side when I’m gaming with a controller. That said, the big kid in me misses the RGB dazzle of my go-to board. That said, the Lofree Flow does feature some subtle lighting that allows you to use it in the dark, but it’s not designed to light up your setup.

Lofree Flow

With the frame being made entirely of metal, the Lofree Flow isn’t light, and you will notice the weight of it when carrying it around. Mine is white, although it comes in other colours, so slinging it in a bag runs the risk of something getting spilled on it or staining the finish. The keycaps are made from PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate), making them incredibly durable but also pleasant to the touch.

The Flow uses either of two Khail-made switches that both offer fantastic feedback when compared with other similar-range models. Key travel is, as you’d expect, very nice, with just 2.8mm travel regardless of which of the two available switches you use. The difference between the “Phantom” and “Ghost” switches is the actuation, with them coming in at 50g and 45g respectively. The version of the Flow I have has the Ghost switch, which makes your inputs feel instant even with a light touch.

While you can connect the Flow using a USB if you choose, it’s fully Bluetooth compatible. I’ve been using it with both my phone and PC. It lacks 2.4GHz connectivity, but that’s not likely to be a deal-breaker if you’re not using the keyboard for gaming. The Flow is a keyboard made for typing, and as such it’s an absolute banger. It feels so comfortable and responsive that beefing up the design just to add that 2.4GHz receiver probably would have been a negative choice.

With a beautiful, minimalist design and just enough ornamentation to make it stand out, the Lofree Flow is not only good-looking but an utter joy to use. I don’t recommend it for gaming, necessarily, but if you’re writing long-form essays or emails, it may well be the best low-profile option available.


Feels amazing to use
Sturdy and durable
Compact and sleek


Lacks 2.4GHz connectivity
Quite heavy

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In Short

With a beautiful, minimalist design and just enough ornamentation to make it stand out, the Lofree Flow is not only good-looking but an utter joy to use.