QPAD MK95 Keyboard review

by on February 11, 2020

Remember that bit in Wanted when the previously mild-mannered James McAvoy smacks the smarmy Chris Pratt round the face with his keyboard and knocks out a few teeth? Well if he did that with the QPAD Mk95 Gaming Keyboard he’d probably kill him.

This £180 beast weighs an absolute ton, which is testament to the craftsmanship that it still manages to look so aesthetically pleasing.

A brushed metal body sits below a bank of RGB-lit keys, with a volume dial and keystroke switch in the top right corner. That’s right, the Mk95 comes with a changeable keyboard able to switch between clicky and linear feedback, making it ideal for both gaming and typing. The technology is deceptively simple, too, as its entirely mechanical and can be adjusted even when the keyboard is unplugged.

I prefer softer keys when typing, but having a more tactile option when gaming is more of a boon than I expected it to be – as is the gorgeous wave of colour when you adjust the setting. It’s one of the best-looking keyboards I’ve seen in a while, even if you do have to pay a considerably amount for the privelage of showing it off. Perhaps the most impressive element is its most subtle: the optical keys are immediate and responsive, and fast-typing feels wonderfully effortless.

The QPAD MK95 comes equipped with all the usual keys as well as a function key for added cuatomisation and functionality, and you can personalise the key commands further using the software online should you need to. Whether in linear or clicky mode, every keystroke feels oddly satisfying, and the magnetic palm rest that comes with it is comfortable even after long sessions at the desk. It’s not quite as feature-rich as some similarly-priced alternatives, but it’s still excellent value.

For the high price it might be hard to justify the outlay even with the dual output option, but when you consider the overall quality and the beautiful design alongside it, there’s an argument to be made for splashing out. Having the volume dial right there is also handy, though hardly an essential feature.

QPAD have a tendency to be hit and miss with some of their products, but despite the hefty pricetag, the Mk95 is absolutely a hit.