Another Day, Another Set Of New Chillingo Games!

by on March 18, 2011

There aren’t many companies that consistently release quality titles, Chillingo are definitely one of those companies. It seems like every week that we’re posting about a whole host of brand new titles that we just need to go and buy/download immediately.

I’m not sure if they’re aware, but the iPhone doesn’t have upgradable storage.

Here we are again letting you know about another 3 games from the publishing wizards, Type Type Train, Ink Ball HD and iBomber Defence. The last of which isn’t exactly a new game but it’s a new version for the Mac. So that counts.

Type Type Train

Get rid of the trains by typing the words displayed as quickly as possible! Keep your prairie free of railroad intruders by typing them all away!  This action text-fest is loaded with power ups and the chance to explore bizarre lands, communicate with creature creatures, and earn Crystal achievements and leaderboard points to really see who is top dog!

Ink Ball HD

A wonderfully unique puzzle game; guide your ink balls through the obstacles to the ink well. Ink Ball HD features gorgeous artwork and has you pitched against the clock as you use logic and skill to guide the ink to your well.

iBomber Defence

What has been described as ‘The best tower defense game in the AppStore’ now makes its way over to the Mac Store. Guard against enemy assault in this classic tower defense strategy game. Take the battle across the world and attack with a powerful arsenal to destroy your enemy.

All of these games are available now for their respective systems, either iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac, via the iTunes App Store.  So, what are you still here for?!?