Chillingo Unveils Two Awesome New Titles … And A Sale!

by on April 15, 2011

It’s been a while since Chillingo announced any new titles – well more than a week is a long time when you’re Chillingo – but they’re making up for it now by announcing two awesome new titles along with a sale to encourage people to buy a load of games they should already own anyway!

Chillingo are announcing two brand new games in their already impressive lineup, The Relic and A.I.R. Defense, both of which are available from the very moment you’re reading this on all iOS devices. iPod, iPod Touch and iPad for The Relic and iPod and iPod Touch for A.I.R. Defense.

Ready to get your mind blown? Read on …

The Relic

Defend yourself against the onslaught and destroy thousands of enemies with your trusty axe and powerful magic! Foes include skeletons, spiders, wizards and more. Explore the deep dungeons and escape the labyrinths to unravel the startling secret of the origin and history of The Relic.

A.I.R Defense

Protect the Earth from alien attack in this futuristic take on the line drawing tower defense genre. Use a variety of defensive fortifications, quick fingers and even quicker thinking to keep your base, and the planet in one piece during the massive alien invasion.

On top of all that Chillingo are also announcing a sale on all games from Microid Games. Microid Games is an indie Developer and makers of the critically acclaimed ‘Jules Verne’s Return to Mysterious Island’ and ‘Dracula: Path of the Dragon series’. All of their games, for both iPod/iPod Touch and iPad, are down to just 59p each from Thursday 14th April 2011 to Monday April 18th 2011.

The games available are:

  • Dracula: The Path of the Dragon – Part 1
  • Dracula: The Path of the Dragon – Part 2
  • Dracula: The Path of the Dragon – Part 3
  • Jules Verne’s Return to Mysterious Island
  • Jules Verne’s Secrets of the Mysterious Island