God of War collection to come with God of War III demo code

by on October 17, 2009
God of War Collection

God of War Collection

As some of you might already know Sony are going to be releasing God of War I and II remastered in glorious high definition (60 frames per second too!) as part of a collection in November. To add more Spartan-tastic goodness to the package it has now been revealed that each copy will come with a code that will allow gamers to download a demo of God of War III. Fantastic news eh?!

At the time of writing though the God of War Collection is only going to be released in the good old US of A, so us European gamers will have to get our importing hats on to get a slice of this awesome gaming pie. “Where can I import this from?” I hear you say, well never fear because God is a Geek is here. You can try Movietyme.com who are doing it for £26.99 or you can pop over to Videogamesplus.ca who are selling it for around £32 or 40 Euros including delivery. Now to finish off, just because we love you guys so much, here is the latest trailer for the God of War Collection. Feel those memories flooding back!