Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Dated for PS3

by on April 9, 2010

The Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package was released on the Xbox 360 last month and it broke the record for the most downloaded DLC in Xbox Live history. As for the PS3 and PC, Activision and Infinity Ward has finally revealed the release date. Robert Bowling (via Twitter) has confirmed that the DLC pack will be available to purchase in May 2010.

The Stimulus Package will hit North America on May 4th and May 5th in all other regions. Similar to the Xbox 360 version, the first weekend after the release of the DLC, players will be able to earn double XP for a limited time and revised multiplayer playlists will also be added.

The exact price of the DLC pack as not been confirmed but the Xbox 360 version was hugely criticized for having a high pricing point of 1200 Microsoft points (around £10 or $15). The DLC added added five “new” maps to the game and two of those were taken from the original Modern Warfare! It is expected that the PS3 version will retail for the price.