Halo: Reach Blue Carpet Event

by on September 10, 2010

As some of you might know, last night a Halo: Reach launch party/event took place in London. As usual, the GodisaGeek team were there to cover the event and bring you lovely folks back some top notch coverage.

Without a doubt, the main draw at the event was the contest between top level Halo players (the red team) and some of the best known UK celebrities (the blue team). The red team consisted of six high quality Halo players from XboxLiveAddicts.com whereas the blue team included Rio Ferdinand (Rioooo!), Mr Hudson, Ben Cohen, Jason Bradbury and Jameela Jamil. The celebrities weren’t thrown into the deep end all on their own though, they were led by the highly talented Halo player, Lewis Chapman. Quite impressively, he beat 800 other top Halo players earlier in the year and as a result got the chance to lead the celebrity team into battle last night.

There was alot of fighting talk from both teams, but when all was said and done the red team (as expected) won very convincingly. The contest consisted of three matches, the first two were standard team deathmatches and the last one was king of the hill, a game type the celebrities didn’t fully grasp the concept of. What were the scores? Well, do you really want to know?! Right, ok. The first team deathmatch ended up 51-15, the second finished at 64-10 and the king of the hill match came to a halt at 97-27. It was a massacre really, let’s be honest. However, it looked like celebrities were having fun (some of them were really concentrating!) and even the watching crowd were having a blast, looking on as the famous faces got taught a lesson in how to play Halo. We did try and tell them, “use the grenades”, but they listened too late!

Once the dust had settled after the celebrity Halo mauling, a mini-surprise was unveiled. The curtains were drawn back from one side of the room, only to reveal a large Halo: Reach gaming area. Attendees were able to get some hands-on with the multiplayer side of the game and it went down a treat, the masses were very much pleased.

As always the GodisaGeek crew (well, some of them) partied on until the early hours of the morning and made a rather large impression on anyone they came in contact with. Copius amounts of alcohol will do that to some members of our team, no names shall be mentioned!

Don’t forget folks, Halo: Reach is due out on September 14th. That’s this coming Tuesday, but I’m sure you all know that already. Also, don’t miss our review which should be up on website just before the games release.


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