Want To Play FIFA 11 With Wayne Rooney?

by on October 13, 2010

If the answer to the above question is “yes” then you might be interested in a little competition EA are running. As part of their “sit down if you love FIFA” campaign, EA are getting their FIFA 11 cover star, Wayne Rooney, to judge your fancy goal celebrations. These celebrations can be performed at your local 5-a-side, park or even your back garden, but must include you sitting down.

To enter, all you have to do is get the celebration recorded and submit it via the EA Sports football website. According to EA, “Wayne is on the look-out for goal celebrations that show the fun and passion of the beautiful game. He wants to see you sit down if you love FIFA”.

Nice one, Wayne. The winner will get the chance to play Mr Rooney himself at FIFA 11, but there are other cool prizes on offer too. The closing date for the competition is December 8th 2010. Now go, celebrate like your life depended on it!