New Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Screenshots & Artwork

by on January 22, 2011

Art from Dissidia 012 Final-FantasySquare Enix have released some brand new screenshots and artwork for the upcoming PSP exclusive, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. The first Dissidia Final Fantasy game is quite possibly the most graphically stunning game on the PSP and, if these screenshots are anything to go by, it seems like the sequel will be every bit as beautiful.

The game once again sees the gods Cosmos and Chaos using warriors, old and new, as pawns in their never ending battle. The sequel will boast new game modes, missions, items, costumes and combat features, coupled with the similar augmentation of beat ’em up and RPG elements from the first game.

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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy is due to be released on March 3rd in Japan, March 22nd in North America and March 25th in Europe. The game will only be available on the PSP.