Funcom & EA Set to Co-Publish New MMO ‘The Secret World’

by on January 11, 2011

“Imagine if every myth, conspiracy theory and urban legend was true. Imagine if your worst nightmare came to life. Imagine a world where vampires hunt for mortal blood in dingy London nightclubs, where werewolves lurk in the sewers beneath Seoul, and where the undead prey on the living in the shadows of New York City.”

That’s the main premise behind Funcom’s latest MMO The Secret World and, if that synopsis alone isn’t enough, it was announced today that Funcom would be co-publishing it with EA. So you can bet there’s going to be some influence behind it.

Read on to find out more…

Hundreds of thousands of gamers have joined the ever-growing community surrounding the game, and have become active members in the game’s three secret societies: the Illuminati, the Dragon and the Templar. All this from a game that hasn’t even got a solid release date yet!

As mentioned before The Secret World currently has no release date and is set to be released only for the PC, however, when the game was originally announced an Xbox 360 version was mentioned, and never mentioned since. Funcom has since  told VG247 “Right now we’re focusing on the PC version, leaving our options open” regarding the Xbox 360 release. So there may be a chance afterall.

I must say it looks interesting, we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on this one. Funcom’s last MMO, Age of Conan, was a very well made game but didn’t really keep the players playing. Hopefully this isn’t history repeating itself.

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