More New iOS Games Coming From Chillingo – Bug Wars & Office Gamebox

by on February 17, 2011

Chillingo are at it yet again, it’s starting to feel like a daily occurrence that we post about a new game being released by the iOS publishing legends at Chillingo. Not that that’s a bad thing, not at all.

This time the games that are getting a little bit of the Chillingo Charm are Bug Wars and Office Gamebox, two quirky little games that are available now from the iTunes App Store.

Bugs Wars:

“The End of the Earth is coming!” Deadly alien bugs have invaded the Earth and it’s up to you to keep the people safe!

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Use a variety of unique, explosive and insane weapons to blast your enemies back to where they came from. Bugs Wars really brings the action to life in stunning and vibrant full 3D. Every alien invader type is startlingly different and each have their own special skills and attributes so you will have to choose your weapons wisely

Office Gamebox:

Amazing value pack with three great office based games in just one application.

There are three fun games to choose from:

  • Paper Sniper: Flick the paper ball at the wastebasket, using the cool air fan to bend your shots.
  • Chair Race: How far can you roll your office chair through the floors of the office block? In your way are all sorts of obstacles.
  • Pitch a Penguin: Migrate to the roof of the office and take a running jump (with a little help) to see how far that flightless bird will go.

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Both games are available for download from the iTunes App Store right now. How’s THAT for good news!