Trophy Patch Leaks New Mass Effect 2 DLC Information

by on February 22, 2011

Any attempts at secrecy by Bioware in regards to the upcoming downloadable content for Mass Effect 2 have been scuppered by a new patch for the PlayStation 3 version of the game. Users of the official Bioware forum noticed the update and the news has spread quickly. This patch has added three trophies and their descriptions to the trophy list associated with the game. The descriptions also reveal that the DLC will be named “Arrival”.

The three Trophies that were added are ; The Ultimate Sacrifice, awarded for completing the Arrival DLC; Last Stand, awarded for surviving all five waves in the battle for Object Rho; and Covert Action, awarded for rescuing Dr. Amanda Kenson without attracting hostile attention. Players who regularly check the Cerberus Network updates linked to the game might recognise that name, as Dr. Kenson was recently the subject of an article posted in the bulletin.

Here is what was posted on the Cerberus Network:

“Historians and astronomers alike are abuzz tonight over a new paper published by Dr. Amanda Kenson of the University of Arcturus. Her team claims that by testing the dust trapped in the gravity wells around a mass relay, and comparing its composition to that of dust clouds in the same system, scientists can create a timeline of when the relay passed through the dust. Her conclusion? ‘Only a small fraction of the mass effect relays date back 50,000 years,’ she writes, ‘The majority are far older, indicating they were created by a species predating even the Protheans.’ ” the news flash read.

“Dr. Aurana T’Meles of the University of Serrice met the information with skepticism: ‘While Dr. Kenson’s methods appear sound, the asari tried a similar procedure centuries ago and discounted it. What civilization could have spanned the galaxy for not thousands, but millions of years? If this were the case, we should have found mountains of evidence of their passing. Where is this species now?’

With no official word yet from Bioware, the fans believe that this new DLC will most likely lead up to the third game in the series, probably building on the Mass Effect 3 teaser trailer that is set in London, and revealing how the ancient Reaper menace gets to Earth. They also believe that Captain Shepard might not even be the playable character, and the pack might focus on an earthbound character instead.

Any new DLC for Mass Effect 2 is welcome in our books – especially that which builds up the anticipation for the next game in the series. Once there is any official news from Bioware, be sure that we will keep you up-to-date.

Mass Effect 2 is out now on Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3. Check out our full – and glowing – review of the title here. We liked the game so much we also named it our Game of the Year 2010.