Dance Central – Kylie Meets Her Match With Darren

by on March 18, 2011

We see our fair share of videos here at GodisaGeek.com, especially those of the “viral” variety, but there are certain times when we still hit that play button and the look of confusion, then joy, followed finally by sheer laughter, crosses our faces.

This is certainly one of those videos.

Shot by BAFTA award winning director Becky Martin, whose credits include the award-winning British comedy series Peep Show, the film follows avid gamer “Darren” recreating Kylie’s most iconic dance routines by playing Dance Central. With each move he masters, he increasingly begins to believe he is actually Kylie, building to a climax that sees Darren take centre stage at one of her shows in Finland. As well as appearing in the film, Kylie was fully supportive of the production, providing access to her tour dancers, actual staging, crew and costumes.

Commenting on the film, Kylie said: “What can I say – Darren’s got the moves! When I saw what Xbox and Dance Central wanted to do, it was very hard to resist being involved. I love comedy and the film not only makes me laugh, it reminds me that anyone can become a great dancer.”

Dance Central’s sponsorship of Kylie’s European Aphrodite ‘Les Folies’ tour 2011 encompasses more than 35 shows in 15 countries. Kinect for Xbox 360 provides a unique and exciting way for the whole family to access and interact with entertainment. With just the wave of a hand or the sound of a voice, consumers can play games, stream music, watch HD movies and engage in video chat. No gadgets, gizmos or additional controllers are required. Over 10 million Kinect sensors have been sold since launch in November 2010.