Peace, Love and Dragonforce Hit Rock Band

by on March 25, 2011

Get ready to rock like it’s 1969, man.

In their weekly update to the Rock Band Music Store, Harmonix have announced the release of five new tracks available for download. This latest update includes a pack of songs from a trio of classic artists who took part in the “Three Days of Peace” at Woodstock, and then quickly presses fast forward to include two songs from more recent rhythm-action game icons, Dragonforce.

Dragonforce rose to prominence when one of their tracks was used as the outro song for the credits in mega-hit music game, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. That very same track is now making its way to Rock Band, as “Through the Fire and Flames” is added to the library of tracks available to purchase. Famous for its over-the-top lyrics and insanely fast guitar riffs, the song quickly gathered a large fanbase as Guitar Hero players tried to outdo one another for high scores on the most difficult song in the game. Another song, “Operation Ground and Pound”, also from the band’s third album entitled “Inhuman Rampage” will be added to the store too – so get ready to shred like you’ve never shredded before!

The other half of the update this week is made up of songs performed by three classic Woodstock Festival acts. The pack will feature Jefferson Airplane’s breakout single, “Somebody to Love,” Blood, Sweat and Tears’ 1969 hit, “Spinning Wheel” and “Black Magic Woman,” by Carlos Santana. The pack is entitled the “Days of Peace Pack 01”, which suggests we may see further track packs from the festival of Love in the future.

These tracks will be available for Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 on March 29th, although in Europe they will come to PlayStation 3 on March 30th. They will cost £0.99 (160 Microsoft Points / 200 Wii Points) per song. The Woodstock tracks can also be purchased as “Days of Peace Pack 01”, priced at £2.49 (440 Microsoft Points / 550 Wii Points). The Pro Guitar and Pro Bass upgrades for “Black Magic Woman” and “Through the Fire and Flames” will cost an additional £0.59 (80 Microsoft Points/100 Wii Points).