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Killzone 3 From The Ashes Map Pack Details And Videos

by on June 17, 2011

The third DLC pack for Killzone 3 is called From the Ashes and Aryeh Loeb from Guerrilla Games has provided a preview of two of the pack’s four maps.

There will be two Warzone maps and two Guerrilla Warfare maps in the pack, and one of each has been given its own trailer for your viewing pleasure. The DLC will be available from Tuesday, June 22, costing £3.99 in the PlayStation Store.

The first of the two maps is Lente Missile Base, a 24-player Warzone map set in an abandoned missile base at the edge of the Kaznan Jungle, where players will have to deal with the threat of launching missiles cooking them as they battle for control of the base.

The second map is called Mobile Factory, a 16-player Guerrilla Warfare map set on a resource production facility, which is a one of the largest moving vehicles in the single player campaign. Those who have completed the Killzone 3 campaign will be familiar with the vehicle and its scrap metal shredders, which show no mercy for anyone who accidentally falls into them.

In addition to the release of the From the Ashes DLC pack, a bundle pack which includes the previous DLC packs, Retro and Steel Rain, as well as the new DLC will be available for a special price of £7.99.

Killzone 3 is available now exclusively for PlayStation 3.

Source: PlayStation Blog