First Look – Resistance 3

by on September 9, 2011

We have a treat for you in this latest edition of First Look, and that treat is the first 15 minutes of the hotly anticipated title known as Resistance 3, which has been created by the famous Insomniac Games. Be warned that if you haven’t finished the previous title that the clip will show off minor spoilers as will the rest of this First Look.

The video clip shows of the opening sequence which explains what happened in the previous outing, stating that Hale is dead at the hands of Joe Capelli. After Hale’s body is recovered, his blood is tested and a cure for the chimera virus is found, to which Joe and the rest of his comrades are vaccinated. However because Joe killed Hale, he finds himself hated by his peers and dishonorably discharged. Four years have passed since then and Joe is now married with a child, and surviving in a small town called Haven, but as you can imagine things will soon spiral out of control and Joe will have to fight for not only his own life, but for his wife and child. After the opening sequence, you will get to view the gameplay and after a small tutorial, you will be blasting the Chimera hordes in no time.

Our first thoughts on this title are that it is graphically very impressive, with some frankly fantastic weapons to play with, but for the low down on this title make sure you keep an eye on GodisaGeek.com for the upcoming review. In the meantime, we present to you, the first fifteen minutes of Resistance 3!

Resistance 3 is available to purchase now exclusively on PlayStation 3.