“Assist me” is Back and Officially Supported by Capcom

by on October 5, 2011

Most Marvel Vs Capcom fanatics are familiar with “The Online Warrior” Maximilian’s YouTube channel show, “Assist Me” where he brings you valuable  Marvel Vs Capcom 3 advice backed with his own brand of humour and cheesy parodies. Well he is back and now officially backed by Capcom. After bagging an early copy of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 from…erm, Dormammu! – He has been tasked with mastering the 10 new combatants to the game. The series will be in six parts and is worth a watch for those of you who want a head start in kicking ass and taking numbers online.

This weeks characters include Stryder and Hawkeye and as usual, you won’t find Dr. Doom too far away.

Don’t forget to check out Maximilian’s YouTube channel here.