First Look – Dark Souls

by on October 3, 2011

Being a follow up to a game like Demon’s Souls (which ended up with a huge cult following) is never an easy task. So it is with great pleasure that we bring you another First Look, this time for Dark Souls, with the information that it easily lives up to the hype.
You may have already seen our First Look (On Tour) of the game, where Pete Oliver from Namco Bandai showed us a section a little way into the game (but to be honest, it wasn’t that far), but this is the first fifteen minutes of the title, from cut-scenes right into the tutorial, which – yes – we died playing.

Reviews are coming in thick and fast for the game, and our review is nearly ready for you to read, but let us not forget that this game led our UK Editor to accidentally call it his “Game of the Year” in the most recent Godcast.

Dark Souls is out this friday for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.