Hang Em’ High with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition

by on October 17, 2011

Master Chief is back again for the first time with exciting news in store for all Halo Fans. The anticipation for the upcoming Halo anniversary edition is already tremendous, but the pot was stirred a bit more at The New York City Comic Convention this weekend. The announcements of a classic multiplayer map and some Halo centric features had Halo fans in a frenzy.

Halo Combat Evolved AnniversaryHigh Noon or Hang ’em High — two names, same classic multiplayer level. No matter what you call it, if you’ve ever played Halo’s Multiplayer, I guarantee you’ve logged an obscene amount of hours on this map. It had definitely caused me to miss a class or two during my college gaming days so, As you can probably tell, this is tremendous news for Halo fans. The map will feature its classic labyrinth format with upgraded visuals sure to impress Halo fanatics and newcomers alike. There are plenty of places for cover, tunnels to travel through, and multilevel platforms that can be used to strategize attacks. This midsized map made for some intense shootouts and triumphant outcomes. Trash talkers unite as this will surely be one of the more competitive maps.

As if the edition of Hang em High was not enough, there will also be Kinect integration. For those who do not know, I am a owner and supporter of Kinect.  I believe it does have the power to greatly enhance gameplay experiences. With Halo Anniversary, Microsoft has made a few welcomed additions. There is now an analyze mode which allows to scan objects within the Halo universe in order to populate a database that can be viewed in the Library mode. Here you will be able to gain information on the various weapons, vehicles, and enemies you have previously scanned.vA completes Halo encyclopedia can be created and viewed with the wave of a hand. Lastly, there will also be voice commands. You will be able to reload weapons, throw grenades, and even toggle between classic and re-mastered graphics with only the sound of your voice.

All of the fun does not stop at Halo Anniversary edition. Those who have subscribed to Halo waypoint, Microsoft’s own Halo information Hub, are in for a treat also. Halo Waypoint will soon be sporting a new design and more refined navigation features. It will allow users to access content more smoothly.  For Windows phone users, a new app, ATLAS (Advanced Tactical Assault System), will be available around Christmas time. You will be able to view any Halo Anniversary or Halo reach maps in a top down format via Window phone. They maps be displayed in real and offer visuals of their teammates positions. This aims to enhance strategy behind the shooting. I will certainly be using this app and no, it is not cheating!

Are all these new offerings still not enough? If not then get your competitive juices flowing on your own terms. Halo’s new custom Challenge mode will allow users to set parameters for competitions and issue them to your friends on Xbox Live. You could create a number of kills contest in which whoever has the most amount of kills in a matter of a day will win the challenge. The reward can come in the form of Halo reach credits and of course bragging rights.  There will be endless opportunities for innovation and will also extend the life span of the game itself.

Nostalgia alone was enough to sell me on Halo anniversary edition. These additions are just more icing on the cake. If you are thirsty for more information and screen shots of Halo, please log on to Halo waypoint or go to Halowaypoint.com

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary edition will be available November 15,  2011.

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