Planetside 2 Welcomes Legendary Comic Writer, Marv Wolfman

by on October 13, 2011

There always seems to be a gripe with action/shooter games with storylines – either the story is thin, or non existent.  Sony Online Entertainment plans to combat this issue by having award winning author, Marv Wolfman, pen the story for their upcoming massively multiplayer online shooter Planetside 2.

Wolfman has already had experience in writing backstory for video games. He was instrumental in the creation of DC Universe Online, also from Sony online entertainment. Due to the success of Dc Universe, SOE leapt at the chance to work with him again.

Marv is an extremely talented writer and was an instrumental partner in the creation of DC Universe Online; we are thrilled to team up with him again,” said Russ Shanks, Chief Operating Officer of SOE.

Wolfman will be using his prowess to flesh out the story of Auraxis, the setting For Planetside 2. Using an episodic format, he will re-imagine the story of the planet while explaining the reason for the initial conflict that results in the inevitable war depicted in the game.  He is very excited to be working on such a project.

I’m thrilled to be working with SOE again,” said Marv Wolfman. “Not only do I get to take elements from the original PlanetSide and further develop an extensive back-story that can help players more fully understand this incredible new world, but even better, I get to create dozens of individual characters that I hope will help bring alive the story of PlanetSide 2 for the entire player community.”

Let it be known that Wolfman is no newcomer to story writing as his credentials include writing for both Marvel and DC comics. His reputation precedes him as being the creator of Marvel’s “Blade” character and penning the iconic “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Series for DC. His other writing credits also include stories for The New Teen Titans and various novels, films and video games.

As of now, Planetside 2 is still in development for the PC. It will include a wide array of customization ranging from creating characters to weapon modification. Sony urges participants to form strong alliances as battles can last for days or even weeks. With battles on this epic of a scale and the addition of Marv Wolfman, this may be a game to watch closely.