Speedlink Reticos RGB Gaming Mouse review

by on January 7, 2020

When it comes to hardware, we all know looks aren’t everything. A sleek and flashy design doesn’t necessarily make for a good product in terms of performance, and many of us have been caught out in the past and made to pay the price for picking style over function.

The Reticos RGB Gaming Mouse from Speedlink, however, gives you both – and it only costs about £30, too. I’ve been using it for everything from video editing on Premiere Pro to clicking like crazy on Warhammer: Chaosbane and Path of Exile, and it has held up perfectly well, performing admirably in terms of sensitivity and responsiveness.

I was previously using the ROCCAT Kain 120 Aimo mouse, which is a fantastic device, and the only real difference I can feel between the two is in the design. The 120 Aimo is slick and smooth and fits snugly in the hand, whereas the design of the Reticos is a little more eccentric. The flared plastic carapace is comfortable enough, but the material feels slightly cheaper and colder to the touch. It boasts the same number of programmable buttons and a smooth wheel, but there is a noticeable difference in the overall material quality.

But again, the material and the aesthetic are not the most important elements, and the performance itself is excellent. For a £30 purchase, it will absolutely do you proud for the majority of games and applications. Professionals or hardcore gamers may prefer a device with more buttons and functions, but they’ll usually need to pay an awful lot more than thirty notes for one.

The RGB effects are also superb on the Reticos, featuring a vein-like design across the entire carapace that looks incredible in a darkened room. The device would be no weaker for the removal of this feature, in real terms, but it still looks very cool.

Speedlink Reticos RGB Gaming Mouse review

I’m not sure it will permanently replace the 120 Aimo as my primary mouse, as I do prefer the feel of the ROCCAT mouse, but if I was left only with the Reticos to use I wouldn’t be mad about it. It’s smooth, functional and pleasing to the eye, as well as comfortable enough for a budget model.

It’s a cliché to say it, but for thirty quid you can’t go wrong here. The Reticos RGB Gaming Mouse from Speedlink is a solid purchase that will serve you well whether you’re working o gaming.