Thousand Pounds Action to Bring Street Fighter X Tekken to Life

by on November 23, 2011

Street Fighter X TekkenOn March 9th of next year, the fighting world collides with Street Fighter X Tekken. It is created in the mould of Capcom’s no. 1 fighting series and it will contain 20 characters from each franchise. The number of features in this game is crazy as it takes what you know and love from Street Fighter IV and adds two new online modes, Tag Battle Mode and Online Training Mode as well as an optional Gem system which allows players to equip items to help them pull off ridiculous combos and such.

To help support the upcoming release, Capcom has commissioned Thousand Pounds Action company, a company that makes action films and have specialised in video games pieces such as; Street Fighter: Beginnings End, to make a short film. The film will be released in conjunction with the release of the game and will be the first of many videos that Capcom have planned with other popular YouTube directors.

Thousand Pounds Action company have released an announcement trailer, which you can check out below. If you like watching people kick the holy bejesus out of each other, you’ll enjoy this.


Street Fighter X Tekken is due for release on PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 & Playstation Vita on 9th March

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