Dead Space 3 Co-Op Confirmed In Place of Competitive Multiplayer

by on June 3, 2012

Dead Space 3 Co-Op Confirmed In Place of Competitive MultiplayerAnother hour, another E3 announcement before the convention even begins…

A NeoGAF user has posted some details on the forthcoming Dead Space 3, via the next issue of Game Informer – the same one that has Gears of War: Judgment on the cover. Co-op is confirmed for the story mode and there is no competitive multiplayer in the game whatsoever. Isaac Clarke is returning and the co-op will feature Clarke, along with the guy who featured in the trailer for a graphic novel on the Dead Space website a couple of days ago, John Carver. The co-op will have some additions such as new cutscenes, but Visceral have stated that you won’t miss anything of importance by just playing through the game on single player.

Other tidbits of information include the fact that the world is called Tau Volantis, there are a number of new necromorphs to fend off and the game will feature a cover based system. Visceral Games tell Game Informer that they want the third instalment in the series to feature larger environments with “unique beta missions”, instead of the more linear route Dead Space 1 and 2 took.

Dead Space 3 is slated as having a February 2013 release date. There’ll be more about the game at EA’s press conference tomorrow. I do love the element of surprise, don’t you?