Codemasters Scraps Grand Prix Mode for F1 2012

by on September 11, 2012

Codemasters Scraps Grand Prix Mode for F1 2012Part of the lure of the F1 series by Codemasters has been the ability to play seasons as a driver of your choice. Unfortunately, for F1 2012, seasons as an existing driver have been scrapped.

That’s right, Grand Prix Mode is absent from F1 2012, meaning you’ll no longer be able to play a season as an existing driver. Speaking to Videogamer, Codemasters confirmed the rumours that the popular mode had been scrapped for the latest iteration, and replaced with a Quick Race mode, allowing you to easily compete in one-off racers as established drivers. It’s not really clear why the mode has been removed, but Codemasters have been quick to reiterate that the Career mode, where you play full seasons as a created driver, still allows you to complete a championship.

It’s a disappointing removal, for sure, but from what I’ve seen from the demo, there will be more than enough to make up for its absence.