First 15 Minutes: 007 Legends

by on October 22, 2012

Ah, Mr Bond, we’ve been expecting you.

Sorry about that, it just felt like too good an opportunity to miss, and a fitting way to introduce the first 15 minutes of Activision published 007 Legends.

In this video you’ll get to see the kind of shooting action you’re used to in an Activision First Person Shooter title, and a little bit of stealth, after a short tutorial; all within the Goldfinger storyline. The story focusses around Daniel Craig’s Bond being accidentally shot, then reliving memories from previous adventures (read: films) that were once acted out by other actors.

So sit back and enjoy, as we bring you the first 15 minutes of 007 Legends.

007 Legends is available now for Xbox 360, Windows PC and PlayStation 3. The GodisaGeek review is in process.