Official Resident Evil 6 Strategy Guide Available Now

by on October 2, 2012

Official Resident Evil 6 StrategyGuide Available NowDid you immediately rush out and pick up Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 today? Did you get it home, tear off the cellophane, whack it in the disc tray and then cry for 20 minutes because you’re a big baby and its three campaigns are way tougher than you expected? If not, is it likely that you will do all of the above any time soon?

If so, fret not, for salvation is at hand! Strategy guide giants Brady Games have unleashed the Official Resident Evil 6 Strategy Guide to help you man-up and live through the action-packed survival horror.

The guide contains full area maps that include the locations of every key, every secret, every weapon and every restorative item in the game; deep, comprehensive strategies for defeating all the bosses and hints and tips on the co-op mode. You’ll also find detailed info about all the weapons and characters.

The Resident Evil 6 Strategy Guide will hit shelves as both a Signature Series edition (priced at £14.99), and a Limited Edition (£19.99), which is bound in a hard cover with holographic foil and a gloss-matte finish. It also contains three exclusive Resident Evil 6 embroidered patches from the BSAA, DSO, and LAVITA.

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