Fire Emblem: Awakening Demo Hits This Month

by on March 22, 2013

Fire Emblem AwakeningA demo for Fire Emblem: Awakening will hit the European eShop on March 28 ahead of its April 19 release date.

The rest of the world has already sunk their teeth into Intelligent System’s turn based strategy masterpiece, pouring praise on it by the tanker-full.

The game builds on the classic Fire Emblem formula with twin character elements such as combat support and friendship, while the game also welcomes greenhorns with a ‘newcomer’ difficulty that wavers the ‘dead is dead’ rule that largely defined previous iterations.

Nintendo of Europe also launched their dedicated site today, that can be found here. The site includes lots and lots of information on the game, as well as an Iwata Asks interview for those that like reading interviews from a year ago (almost to the day) and giggling at goat beards.

Personally, I can’t wait. These kinds of games always work wonderfully with handhelds and I remember putting a silly amount of time into Advance Wars: Dual Strike, taking a turn every-time I nipped to the toilet. I went to the toilet a lot back then. People were worried.

With this, Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate all hitting recently, the 3DS really is asserting itself as the system to own this year. Who said dedicated handhelds were dead?

Fire Emblem Awakening will be available on Nintendo 3DS  in Europe on April 13th.