New Mars War Logs Screens Revealed

by on April 10, 2013

New Mars War Logs Screens RevealedSpiders Games and Focus Home Interactive have released a new batch of screenshots for upcoming sci-fi RPG Mars War Logs.

These new screens show hero Roy Temperance hounded by the forces of Aurora’s army, one of two main factions vying for dominance on a colonised Mars. The other faction is the less flashily-named Resistance (there’s always a Resistance on Mars, right?), but which you side with is entirely up to you.

On the one hand Aurora’s army employs deadly technomancers who use a technology so advanced it’s akin to magic (which Roy can learn), while on the other hand the Resistance are a band of plucky freedom fighters whose talents are much more physical.

The screens reveal another image of Temperance’s ugly mug, a weird crocodile-dog creature and, most importantly, Devotion Chase, the right-hand enforcer of General Honour Grant, the leader of Aurora’s army. There’s a distinct cyberpunk style to Mars War Logs, and the morality system, character progression and multi-branching story promise, at the very least, a decent-sized adventure across the barren wastes of the Red Planet.

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Mars War Logs is set for release in Spring 2013 on Xbox 360 (via Xbox LIVE), PlayStation 3 (via PSN) and PC (via Steam and other digital distribution services).

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