New Weapons In Development For Fuse

by on May 29, 2013

The new original IP Fuse from Insomniac Games launches later this week, but already the development team have revealed that they have begun work on some new ideas and additions for their game.

In a new developer diary, Ted Price – CEO and President of Insomniac Games – has hinted at some new content that is in the works for the new game. He talks about how the development of the game evolved and changed over the years, and goes on to talk about the future:

“We’ve already begun expanding what we’ve begun with Fuse. Right now as I write this we’re taking the core concepts behind Fuse and prototyping new stuff…stuff that leverages this bizarre alien substance which is at the heart of the game. No, I’m not talking about DLC. I’m talking about new Fuse experiences altogether.”

So, new content that isn’t DLC – are we talking about free updates, or add-ons? It will be interesting to see how Insomniac approaches these new features for the game, and how they are released. There is already a creative and interesting selection of weapons present in the game, so we can only hope for some more equally creative ideas in the future.

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